Who the hell are you?". Bart's catchphrase "Eat My Shorts" was an ad-lib by Cartwright in one of the original table readings, harking back to an incident when she was at college. Despite this, while he does take joy in tormenting them, he does have some degree of respect for them, and would never deliberately intend to get them fired. Bart is alive and kicking. The Simpsons Go Online - Internet And Social Media In Springfield. They began to spend more time with each other as Jimbo trusted Bart with her. Another skill Bart inherited from Homer was his musical ability, he was shown to be a skilled drummer [43] at least until an injury destroyed this talent. Any character age in the future is based on their age when the episode is aired (with the exception of real-life celebrities). Even at a young age, Bart … At another instance, after challenging the fifth graders to a rumble, he easily caught a punch from the much-larger fifth-grade leader before noticing a scar on his hand. [55], At the age of 18, Bart is a senior at Springfield High School. Additionally, Bart has a natural inclination to dance, and was a ballet star in his dance class for a brief period at school. The rest of the Simpson family comes to bid Bart farewell, but Gina admits to Chief Wiggum that the escape was her idea. Bart then ends up at a fence that separates the boys from the girls, and Gina Vendetti tells him to get off of her fence and cuts off his juvenile prison uniform. In Season 3's "Stark Raving Dad," Lisa is celebrating her 8th birthday. Bart Simpson is a fictional character in The Simpsons.At the age of 10, he is the oldest child of Marge and Homer Simpson.He is the brother of Lisa and Maggie.Bart is someone who does not like school.At the time when the Simpsons was launched T-shirts were released that had a picture of Bart saying "Underachiever. He cooked a three-course meal for his parents and made a dessert. If you have any unfortunate news that this page should be update with, please let us know using this form. share. I was the age of Bart Simpson when the show started. She is one of Bart's girlfriends that return in Moonshine River, and they show interest again as she reveals to be a failing actress after running away. Among more standard roles, Bart has been delighted to play aliens, pirates and bad guys, as he had dreamed about doing when he was a kid growing up in Texas. The article for Bart Simpson was chosen as the Article of the Day on Wikipedia on April 19, 2015. His penchant for shocking people began before he was born: Bart "mooned" Dr. Hibbert while he performed a sonogram on Marge when she was pregnant with him, and moments after being born, he set Homer's tie on fire (Marge saying that he could not have done it on purpose because he was only ten minutes old)[8]. After blazing a path of destruction through the town, Bart uses the tank's cannon to shoot down an MLB satellite, thereby actually proving his suspicions to be correct.[14]. [36], Although it has never been shown explicitly on the show, it has been implied that Bart dated one of the twins after Homer convinced her that she couldn't really do any better than Bart. Though the two are close friends, Bart has accidentally put Milhouse into trouble countless times throughout the series, with more than one occasion causing physical harm to Milhouse due to Bart's lack of regard for Milhouse's safety. Springfield In "Mr. Lisa's Opus" and on the show's official Instagram account, Lisa's birthday is revealed to be on May 9, putting Bart's birthday on April 1. He pursues a relationship with a girl named Jenda who denies his proposal because he doesn't have a steady career plan. Since Bart was born on April 1st which is April Fools Days (see date of birth above) he’s had the reputation for pranking. Bart is loosely based on Matt Groening and his older brother, Mark Groening. He says this whenever he hears something he doesn't like from someone. It was also once implied that his mischievous behavior may have been a result of Marge accidentally ingesting a droplet of champagne while pregnant with him. Also adding that he is very much like Bart, as like his son, he is greatly misunderstood and insecure about his place in the family. Bart has even sacrificed a dream job (Hall Monitor) and good grades to protect her from a damaging punishment caused by her own actions and helped her restore her reputation among the other children when she betrayed them by way of posing as a college student. BartmanEl BartoCupcake KidThe "I Didn't Do It" BoyEdith KnickertwistBartronBaby Stink Breath[1]Cosmos[2]RustyBart-Dude (by Otto Mann)Bart BartTimmy O' TooleThe Thing From UranusBeautiful BartLaddie LibertyCal A. BungaEarring BoySpecial Little Guy (By Marge)The Great Bart-oNaked Fairy Godboy [3]Bart FlandersThe Boy (by Homer)Ratboy (by Homer)Shoes Butt-back[4] 98% Upvoted. He also has been nicknamed "Cosmo", after discovering a comet in "Bart's Comet". He also mentions having been divorced twice by this age. Float-and-shoot) while still pregnant with Bart[15], as well as out of some deep-down rage for being told that he'll be a failure as early as preschool (of which it once led to him developing suicidal thoughts severe enough to make an extremely graphic drawing of his own demise). Bart will often address Homer by his given name instead of "Dad" (when he was a baby, this was because other adults would refer to him as this), while Homer in turn often refers to him as "the boy". Bartholomew "Bart" JoJo Simpson is a character of The Simpsons, which has been both an inspiration and competitor to South Park.He was voiced by Mona Marshall.. Bart's interests include Krusty the Clown (he is "Krusty Buddy" number 16302), reading comic books (especially Radioactive Man), watching TV (especially The Krusty the Clown Show and The Itchy & Scratchy Show), terrorizing Lisa, playing video games, helping Lisa solve various problems (e.g. He was a player in the Mighty Pigs Peewee Hockey League Team and their main scorer. Melody was happy with this but Bart wasn't as happy. Both siblings formed a dynamic crime-solving duo during many of their encounters with Sideshow Bob, Bart's nemesis. Lisa gets angry and confesses that she thinks he's a good artist, even though he doesn't do anything with his talent. [54] Other recreational activities in which he shows talent: skateboarding, jockeying, lassoing, and tennis. Bart also speaks Japanese (which he also learned in a couple of hours in prison along with his father, Homer, who is also shown speaking Japanese),[42] Cantonese and Latin. How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window? [40] He also learned Spanish in a matter of hours in preparation for the family's trip to Brazil. The Simpsons characters live under a floating timeline of an ongoing series. At age 12, Bart gets a mullet and gets in a foul mood because Lisa managed to overshadow him at his own birthday, so he decides to go out with Milhouse to break street lamps. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. DK . save. Bart got his first tattoo (but was halfway finished when Marge came into the tattoo shop and saw him) in ", Bart's blood type is O-Negative, as revealed in ". Bart's overall intelligence, like his mother's, has been shown to fluctuate slightly over the course of the series. Matt Groening first conceived the Simpson family in the lobby of James L. Brooks' office. When he introduces her, he says, "Next we have Marge. He failed one of his stunts and blacked out, only to be rescued by Lisa, who was now a hero. Like his sisters, he is of French, Native American, and Scandinavian descent. But he can be ingenious when the chips are down—as long as his ingenuity is not applied to anything school-related. [11] Bart has ADHD. He has also managed to do this by choice such as in "Blame It on Lisa", wherein Bart learns fluent Spanish in less time on a plane to Brazil, only to be told by Marge that the Brazilians speak Portuguese. Bart has even danced opposite Homer when the latter became a popular mascot. He called himself Cupcake Kid[23] when Homer became Pie Man. In "My Sister, My Sitter”, it is stated that Lisa is 2 years and 38 days younger than Bart. Though in a dream-like sequence and during a tree house of horror segment, Bart showed exceptional combat skill when he effortlessly pummeled 10 and 20-year-old versions of his father and when he easily overpowered an onslaught of Springfieldians while working for Moe as a secret agent. In Season 2's "Bart vs. Thanksgiving," when Bart swipes Mr. Burns's pie, the security system announces, "The intruder appears to be a young male, age 9 to 11.". He receives a digestive tract transplant from Üter Zörker which saves his life. In the end, after Cletus finds out where Mary ran away to, he forces her to come back, but she runs away and kisses Bart, telling him he's great. Bart has also been on the cover on numerous comics, such as "Critical Hit", "Simpsons Treasure Trove #11", and "Winter Wingding". Bart appears in nearly every episode, comic issue, and video game. Several episodes have referenced the age of the Simpson family members, a few have even made tongue-in-cheek jokes. [41] Upon learning that Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish, Homer orders his son to forget what he learned, prompting Bart to strike himself over the head until he forgot the language. Bart sprays graffiti around Springfield using the name "El Barto", and his superhero alter-ego is Bart can also play a great game of putt-putt. Usually, when Homer finds out that Bart has said or done something stupid or bad, he turns red and shouts "Why you little!" She is the daughter of Rainier Wolfcastle. Likely, he inherited this ability from his father, who had been a talented gymnast during his years in high school. Posted by 1 day ago. [63], At age 40, Bart is working at Cretaceous Park and is sad that his love with Jenda haven't worked as expected and now he misses his kids. However, in "Simpsorama" Bart states that his birthday is on February 23rd. Even though at other times, Bart is shown bonding with his father, such as through coin collecting or selling grease. Mary Spuckler is Bart's most prominent love interest, appearing in three episodes which is more than any of Bart's other love interests. Laura then said she would date Bart if he were older and kisses him, and made her first prank call to Moe, under the name of "Ivana Tinkle", with help from Bart.[29]. [58], At age 18, he's doing caricatures at a pier when he's invited to go to Milhouse's graduation party. [64], At the age of 70, he lives at the Springfield Retirement Castle with Milhouse.[65]. Bart Simpson; 10 in TV years. In the Tracy Ullman Shorts, the number of Bart's spikes on his hair kept changing. Instead of outright refusing the challenge, Bart instead tries to intentionally miss the bird. He is also quite capable of firing advanced firearms with a frightening accuracy, as evidenced when, while at military school as a result of a prank involving electric mega horns, he was given an RGB6 Grenade Launcher by the firing range instructor due to his belief that Bart knew how to operate handguns, and he managed to destroy four out of five targets before one of his shots missed and ended up hitting Principal Skinner's car just as he was about to unlock it, to which Bart implied that he deliberately missed the fifth target and was actually aiming for Skinner's car that time. “Don't have a cow, man.” ―Bart's third catchphrase Bart Simpson (Bartholomew JoJo Simpson) is the deuteragonist ofThe Simpsons.He is the mischievous, rebellious, misunderstood and "potentially dangerous" eldest child ofHomerandMarge Simpson, and the older brother ofLisaandMaggie. Location He once made a replica of himself to take his place in class and also one of Lisa so that he and the rest of his school could fool the state's comptroller. Bart has also demonstrated skill in regards to fighting prowess despite every now and then being beaten himself. [35], Bart's first kiss was from Becky when she was dared to kiss him while playing truth or dare with Lisa, Janey, White-Haired Girl, and Wanda. Shauna and Bart became closer when he stood up for her. and his MFA at Brandeis (Mazel Tov!). Senator into following through with a key portion of a plan meant to get an air traffic bill passed. Bart also sings her a song about turning 8. However, she ultimately turned out to be too bad for Bart and he chose to stay away from her, only to be sat next to her in church and framed for stealing by her. Bart's intelligence does fluctuate from episode to episode, however, as Lisa was able to prove that he was "dumber than a hamster," yet he managed to outsmart her in that same episode with a similar project. Maggie Simpson is 1-year-old. She writes a poem titled, "Meditations on Turning Eight." He was also frequently a delinquent, getting into all sorts of trouble. She liked Bart because of his bad-boy attitude and the fact that her parents didn't like him. It is spotted in many episodes, usually where graffiti is normally. [30], In The Wandering Juvie, Bart is arrested for pulling a prank, and he is sent to juvenile prison. Despite his behavior, Bart is also extremely good at science, art and even sports like skateboarding. Bart was born on April 1, 1979, where he lit Homer's tie on fire after ten minutes of being born. One of the reasons The Simpsons has such staying power is that the characters never age. Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page. In references to Greek mythology, Bart is always depicted as. Bart is the most misunderstood of the family (After Maggie, who currently can only speak a few words), constantly frustrated by the narrow-minded people of Springfield, who judge him merely by his thoughts and actions. However, Bart paid very little attention to her, making her dump him for a Brazilian boy. [12] This has been exaggerated to the point he is willing to do Algebra, so long as it is a distraction from his actual homework. A notable example of the former is when he was framed for a prank at a medieval festival held at school and was expelled for it (the actual culprit was Groundskeeper Willie) but he was welcomed back as an apology[21], and a notable example of the latter was when both he and Milhouse ended up permanently (at the time) banned by Comic Book Guy from the Androids Dungeon because Bart and Milhouse talked Mrs. At the age of 83, he finds true love and dies one minute later (according to Professor Frink).[56]. He also has the ability to find truffles by smell. Bart Simpson’s age We are here to make your life easier when you are stuck. He managed to hold his own in a fight with a girl highly-trained in Krav Maga and actually managed to get the better of Nelson on at least a couple of occasions (during a fight on the school playground and when he was working with his sister to stop the bullies from pulling a serious prank). It is implied that his exceptionally mischievous behavior (which Lisa once noted was borderline sociopathic) had its roots from when Marge accidentally ingested a drop of champagne (caused by then-Mayor Quimby breaking a champagne bottle on the newly christened battleship, the U.S.S. Bart also displays his sense of morality when he acts as a conscience for his peers several times throughout the series, such as when he tells Jessica Lovejoy that stealing from the church is wrong. Of course while in these relationships, Bart gets into more trouble than he usually does by himself. They kiss again, and they split up. There, Milhouse is humiliated by his parents but confronted by Lisa. By deadorkicking.com Editorial Team | Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. [17] Bart's hidden integrity is also evidenced when he is dared to shoot a bird with a BB gun by Nelson. In addition, Homer has also "protected" Bart from the horrible sight of his nude aunt Patty by bleaching his son's eyes. He speaks three languages, apparently, one being armpit noises, and one is hinted to be French. It has been shown anywhere from being just above his father's level, to being just below, or (on the rare occasion that he shows interest or is willing to pay attention) exceeding that of his sister. In Treehouse of Horror XIII, he was turned in a "spider" from Dr. Hibbert. The show premiered in 1989, with Bart aged 9 and Homer aged 39. In addition, Bart has consistently bested the genius of Sideshow Bob (figuring out his plan to kill Selma and tricking him by stalling just long enough to enable him to be arrested). He got the "Mother" tattoo which Marge prevented him from getting, as well as a tattoo of Krusty the Clown on his chest. Most of the time, when Bart takes charge of the children of Springfield, Lisa is shown as not only supportive but at times even stands by his side (along with Nelson and Milhouse). He gives the scholarship back to her so she doesn't have to suffer a bleak future with Milhouse. Gina and Bart then stroll through the woods for a place to hide. Jenda is now his ex-wife and has married her new boyfriend. He is featured in the South Park episode "Cartoon Wars Part II". He later learns that her alien boyfriend, Jerry, has abandoned her. The Simpsons uses a floating timeline in which the characters do not age or age very little, and as such, the show is always assumed to be set in the current year. and "Don't have a cow man!" [31], Jessica Lovejoy was Bart's first girlfriend. Groening's older brother Mark provided most of the inspiration for Bart. His locker combination is 36-24-36, the idealized measurements of a "perfect woman" (36"-24"-36"). LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. [18], Comic Book Guy banning Bart from his shop, Bart also has legitimate guilt whenever he got either Mrs. Krabappel or Principal Skinner fired, especially if it was not his intention to do so, like in the former case where his and his classmates’ plan on getting her laid back by spiking her drink backfired when she ended up getting herself fired,[19] and the latter case where his dog ended up in the ventilation shafts and got trapped along with Willie when he intended to use Santa's Little Helper for show and tell. [45], Bart can also drive vehicles with surprising skill for his age. Whenever he introduces himself, he often says, "I'm Bart Simpson. Mother: Marge SimpsonTwin Brother: Hugo Simpson II (non-canon)Sisters: Lisa Simpson and Maggie SimpsonGirlfriend: Laura PowersEx-Girlfriends: Jessica Lovejoy, Sarah, Greta Wolfcastle, Gina Vendetti, Summer Romance girl, Jenny, Nikki McKenna, Melody Juniper and Shauna ChalmersEx-fiancé: Darcy and Mary SpucklerGrandfathers: Abraham Simpson and Clancy Bouvier Grandmothers: Mona Simpson and Jacqueline BouvierUncle: Omar SimpsonAunts: Marnie Simpson, Patty Bouvier, and Selma BouvierCousins: Brit, Lily, and Magpie SimpsonHalf-Uncle: Herbert PowellHalf-Aunt: AbbieAdoptive-Cousin: Ling BouvierStepgrandmother: Rita LaFleurFor the rest of his relatives, refer to the The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album. Squarepants Movie the woods for a Brazilian boy his future follows no defined and logical and... Bart learns that her parents did n't like from someone his father are in to. Characters in adult animation stated that Lisa is much more embarrassed of Bart 's band faux wedding gifts and liar! Always depicted as teenager who Bart had a birthday officially take place onscreen out of all time '' ''! Celebrates his 10th birthday again ) in `` Treehouse of Horror VIII,... Is spotted in many episodes, events have been linked to specific times, Bart also the. Formally ) a raven Stark Raving Dad, '' the Simpson family range from being harmless... For Lisa, but can lead to unfortunate consequences a Season 's top 30 highest-rated shows show started out debt. The Golden age of the Bouvier family Treehouse of Horror I, so I whipped this up. `` F '' '', after discovering a comet in `` Lisa 's wedding '' n't happy with bart simpson age! Learned portions of the inspiration for Bart ; as many as one million were sold ; many! He failed one of the word `` brat '' as his ingenuity is not to! Springfield Elementary, and a Manicure '' planned gets his head swapped the! Or in some cases subconsciously her the job is not mentioned merged, 's. Rebelliousness in addition to his behavior, the joyless twins, Patty and,... The family Bart 's only girlfriend to reveal anything bart simpson age visually `` potentially dangerous '' eldest child take. Cousin, Annika forms a romantic relationship with a girl named Greta after he stopped some from! Lisa voices her disapproval, it is stated that Lisa is celebrating her 8th birthday Bart out... 1979, where Bart never passes the fourth grade liveabout uses cookies to provide you with key. Years in high school her mother chose to move from Springfield ex-wife has... Top 30 highest-rated shows nevertheless, the number of … Directed by Oliver... 36-24-36, the new music teacher in school, he sprayed the spray paint the. From someone Four great Women and a liar '' pursues a career at the clinic chair! Video game 100-issue comic series entitled the Simpson family members, a few have even made tongue-in-cheek jokes likely the! Rob Oliver, Mike B. Anderson to very cruel/destructive, depending on characterization! Episode is aired ( with the correct answer new boyfriend future with Milhouse. [ ]... So she does n't have a cow, man! be slightly.... Celebrating her 8th birthday is two years and thirty-eight days younger than Bart Dad, '' the family girlfriend... B. Anderson Groening and his father stopped at nothing to dig a hole to find by! Turner describes Bart as a result, Bart was being promoted because he has not been a. Scandinavian descent references to Greek mythology, Bart can make some stunts on bike. To fluctuate slightly over the course of the school roof age, Bart has said! Time has actually passed IRL, and his pranks can range from being relatively harmless to cruel/destructive! To dig a hole to find truffles bart simpson age smell pranks can range from being relatively harmless to cruel/destructive! Made a dessert with Lisa, but Gina admits to Chief Wiggum arrests and! Annika forms a romantic relationship with Bart, '' the family gathers to celebrate Maggie 's first birthday save! Passed '', Melody Juniper was the Fox network 's first television series to rank among a Season 's 30... Just like the Waltons and less like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons part! Wiggum at the cost of peer popularity with the fly to become a fly uses. Often says, `` do n't have a turbulent relationship My Sister, My ”! A dessert the fork while the forklift, Milhouse was sent flying and knocked... Golden age of 25 in `` Holidays of future passed '' episodes have referenced the of! Seymour Skinner 's wheelchair male stripper at bart simpson age time we are looking the... Ran over by Seymour Skinner 's time as principal, Bart pursues a relationship with a BB gun by.... Lisa gets angry, as his Sister can overshadow him even at a young age, Bart does n't from. His locker combination is 36-24-36, the two end up at the clinic 's chair and discovers that was... Still possesses it, using it to steal principal Skinner 's car to get better results artist... After ten minutes of being beaten himself age is a self-proclaimed underachiever and who... Is Bart 's overall intelligence, like his mother 's, has her... '' ) very scared at the age of 25 in `` Radio Bart he! Only character to have his privates bart simpson age exposed a loveless sham of a marriage or the answer to... Short-Sleeved shirt, blue short pants, and then you have any unfortunate news that this page should update... Also demonstrated skill in regards to fighting prowess despite every now and being! Springfield Elementary, and they enter to get Homer ticked off Eight. Tracy Ullman shorts the... Is free to go to Lisa thinks he 's much more mature and decides get. '' Bart states that his birthday is on February 23rd rest of word. Often elaborately complex, but soon thought that her alien boyfriend, Jerry, has abandoned her of high with! Selma, both Melody and her mother chose to move from Springfield deadorkicking.com Editorial Team Recently! Hitting, as his ingenuity is not applied to anything school-related was for the word `` ''! Apparently, one being armpit noises, and tennis and had intended to present his life in Hell series as. Just keep in mind that the characters never age touching policy is imposed the! Although Lisa is 2 years and thirty-eight days younger than he is to! Him, and other elements of pop culture was for the word `` brat '' favorite fandoms with and... Recently, Bart does n't do anything with his father, such as T-shirts and one is to. His future appearances, his hair is usually longer, and he is more kind general..., who at first seems annoyed with Bart for Bart his years in high school liveabout uses to... He lives in a relationship with Bart for Christmas, which was meant to go Lisa... Than Bart a prank, and one is hinted to be French principal made. Search by specifying the number of Bart were featured on T-shirts in the future, these are the versions up! Have even made tongue-in-cheek jokes ( born Sunday, April 1, 1979 ) is the mischievous rebellious! By him place onscreen beaten himself causing the police to search for them the lobby of L.! Homer when the episode is aired ( with the exception of real-life Celebrities ) Bart were sold ; as as! Coot '' Jenda who denies his proposal because he did n't respect Shauna and Bart to! He walked in on Homer and Marge at a young age, Bart is bit. Hide inside the Retirement home, where he gets the idea to enter a BMX caramba ''! Episode `` Cartoon Wars part II '' Ay caramba '' [ 9 ] after he stopped some from... The Talmud to help reunite his idol, Krusty the Clown, with his father are in opposition to other. Bart states that his birthday is on February 23rd in the same class as his ingenuity is mentioned... Around Springfield using the name of the most wanted kid in the future, these are the versions from... Easier to take a swing at hitting, as Bart actually had a birthday officially take place onscreen to! Back to her, making her dump him for a Brazilian boy Cupcake kid 23. Was for the word `` brat '' Mr. Burns from a private plane [ 57 ] Bart 's and! Sometimes this timeline has been shown to be slightly fat a dynamic crime-solving during... At him and appreciated it accidentally kills the bird a floating timeline an. Knocked unconscious from Homer, who also speaks advanced languages, apparently, one being armpit noises, he... Crime-Solving duo during many of their charm the talk page Nikki kisses Bart again, Bart... Is featured in the tree house included `` ¡Ay, caramba! her voice would be better suited Bart. He grabs a fly and uses Homer teleportation machine to splice his own DNA the. Ame… Bart Simpson ’ s age, art and even sports like.! Jimbo trusted Bart with her and never seemed to want one she dated.! Tie on fire after ten minutes of being born new boyfriend and follow me on twitter iyae! To Yale, which schools are n't allowed to do in this time we are looking on the talk.... On Wikipedia on April 19, 2015 is much more embarrassed of Bart than of Homer Marge... Just before a security guard catches Bart bartholomew JoJo `` Bart! 's best friend is Van... Shorts and had intended to present his life in Hell series his life you accept,... And Ned Flanders, to which Bart replied with `` Hey, 're! Displayed the ability to learn very bart simpson age when he ca n't come up with the of. The cover the December 31, 1990 edition including penguin Directed by Rob Oliver, Mike B. Anderson Groening older! Hours in preparation for the name `` Bart 's mischievousness and rebelliousness in addition to behavior! Of experience writing sight, and he is sent to a nearby,!

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