CONCLUSION: Therefore, the Dutch version of the mPDQ showed high test-retest reliability and high internal consistency, and was able to distinguish CWAD and FM patients from healthy controls. Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode. DUTCH CAR. I am 59 years old and post menopausal for almost 10 years. So you feel pretty crappy when cortisol is low, and while you may feel good when cortisol is high, if cortisol is chronically high, there are some downsides to that too. We also added herbs and supplements to regulate her adrenal (HPA axis) and lower cortisol. I truly think it’s hormone induced but no one has been able to help me! Interesting feedback! What Happened: We made lifestyle modifications such as adding calories, incorporating meditation and acupuncture, reducing exercise, and keeping wine to the weekend nights. First and foremost I would question the test. Also, what if you gave up all stimulants for a short while. It also includes the daily, free cortisol pattern, organic acids, melatonin (6-OHMS), and 8-OHdG. I am on tamoxifen. My cycles are fairly regular every 28-30 days, but have extremely heavy bleeding the first 4 days and then taper off and spot for 3-5 days more. I am also going to do the SIBO( May as well go all the way) as I have had gut issues for years that mysteriously( my gastro’s exact words) disappear whenever I took antibiotics for something else ? But my problem is I’ve done saliva testing and blood work, I know these are not the same but it showed estrogen dominance but recently showed through serum low estrogen along with low testosterone. I would like to order this test. Have you came across someone who can’t take bioidenticals? Please, please do a follow up podcast as you explore your cortisol issues. I was given some Standard Process Hypothalamex and was told to take two in the morning. I also show low free t3, low free t4, low tsh, low DHEA, low all female hormones. ✨ T,, The exam can only be taken in the Netherlands. Do I send this test back to you or how does this work? I don’t want to ask my doctors to assess metabolite results they’ve not been specifically trained to assess or medicate. –The London Biohacker Summit – click here to register and use 10% code “ben”. Would you be able to sleep without them? Results: For both PAQs, I-CVI ranged 0.67-1.00. We used herbs, supplements, foods, cyclical progesterone, acupuncture, and focused detox. Best, The validity in children with DS is not well established and signed vocabulary is often not included. Certainly the Dutch test can provide info about libido and weight loss resistance. I’m sure you’ll keep us updated on future results. Thanks. Ben, I find it intriguing that you claim your interests are bridging into “health and longevity”, but when Chris suggests that your high-intensity, hard-charging lifestyle might be to blame for your chronically high Cortisol, you quickly dismiss him. I am a U.S. Citizen *** Effective January 26, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older, including U.S. citizens, must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel.Alternatively, travelers to the U.S. may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel. The hormones include: 1. Best, I still rely on the Dutch test for my female patients with adrenal and sex hormone imbalances. For example, my saliva test showed low cortisol across the board. Is it possible to bring hormones back to balance without needing bio identical hormones? Hi! The treaty allows US Entrepreneurs to acquire Dutch residency for the purpose of starting a business. So my total T is at the upper range of the scale but my free T seemed to be towards the lower end of normal. Salivary free corti- … Does the test give all this information to get me back on track? So my estrogen, cortisol and DHEA are elevated. The three B vitamins that are most commonly low: B12, B6 and Folate. I’ve had mixed results using the DUTCH and talked with Dr. Carrie at the lab about it. Ben your podcast last week was great too, and figured I’d try the 14 day, 30 min autonomic reset. Her first cycle on this protocol was significantly better! Enter the DUTCH test – which is a new way to measure cortisol and much more. Back in 2016 when the DUTCH Complete Hormone test was newly out, I began to use it frequently. My question is if the blood serum tests are normal, can the DUTCH identify anything further that may help these two issues? This longitudinal study examined the concurrent and predictive validity of the Dutch version of the CDI (N-CDI) in children with DS between 2;0 and 7;6 years old to assess spoken and signed vocabulary. I’m tired all the time and I feel overwhelmed and foggy very often. Would your body respond the same? Recently I took the GI map test which indicated sibo and have been undergoing treatment for a month. • A marker for oxidative stress (“rusting” in your body, which damages your cells, your DNA, and your mitochondria). Again, thanks for the podcast and the honesty about your labs. Estrogen and progesterone levels good, with good estrogen metabolism, so her hormone therapy was at the right levels and safe to continue. My blood pressure and blood sugar did not start to rise until I was much older. I just hope you or anyone else doesn’t end up like me due to high cortisol. A year later she felt that she had recovered, and her vitality had returned. Wonder what your hormone picture is? I am so poorly with Hashi’s. The Dutch vehicle roadworthiness test, referred to as APK (Algemene Periodieke Keuring), is a technical inspection conducted periodically over the life of a car, truck or other moving vehicle. Ive been researching this urine hormone test (dutch test) in the hopes I can feel comfortable going back on after ruling out any estrogen metabolism issues. My OBGYN only uses the blood hormone tests; but from those results + my physical symptoms, she was able to identify my PCOS and Insulin Resistance. Please note that it is also possible to take a Staatsexamen NT2 in either Programma I or Programma II instead. It’s like my body does not want to stay asleep for the entire night OR go below the 25lbs I’ve lost under my existing regimen. DUTCH Complete Test. This site is an advertisment for the Dutchtest, Cortisol If you have a non-EU/EAA driving license For citizens of all countries outside the EU/EEA (including the Dutch Antilles and Aruba), licences are valid for six months from the date you register at your local municipality. Also, the test has very specific instructions as to when to stop taking exogenous hormones for a clear dried urine metabolite sample. Rather, I use it for clinical information not available via conventional serum tests. Gear a treatment plan tailored to you, based on your hormone levels and also how you metabolize or break down your hormones. If you don’t know when or if you ovulate then when would you test using the Dutch complete? Respectfully, if you’d like to educate yourself about exactly what you are commenting on, you can contact Precision Analytical, and get thorough information exactly what this test entails, and all the caveats you bring up. Definitely! does anyone rate this test. Another thought I had…you mentioned that your sleep is awesome, but from past posts and some of your comments during this episode it’s very “hacked” sleep. This was more than twice the number of migrants in 2007. Any insight based on this little bit of info would be appreciated. Is this an area you guys address or is this primarily for athletes? DUTCH stands for dried urine test for comprehensive hormones. Laura. Can I share something real with you? Thanks Gosia. They look similar to yours Ben’s – significantly elevated free cortisol in the morning and mildly elevated in afternoon and ok at bedtime and waking. Some women are estrogen dominant and wind up getting very poor effects from estrogen replacement therapy. I’ve been taking ashwaganda root and just started serotonin supplement and bedtime and progesterone cream and DIM but honestly just doing this off of my symptoms but not sure what my hormone levels are so want to figure this out and do what my body needs. I’m 37, mother of two. Hands down, this test is THE most cutting edge, comprehensive, functional medicine hormone test. Within six months Judy no longer felt tired all day long. Ben… My recent DUTCH test came back with almost the same numbers in cortisol along with high end/ low end range markers that you had. Thank you. Testosterone The GI Map is not diagnostic of SIBO, unfortunately. And she was worried about her ability to conceive as doctors had told her she had “poor egg quality.”. Check with your practitioner to see what she/he has in mind. The diurnal curve was normal, but everything was low, morning, afternoon, and evening. Further interpretation and treatment can be from your doctor. Struggling with low cortisol myself, most likely preceded by a long period of high cortisol. Over the course of the next year, Aparna was able to wean slowly off Ativan, restore deep sleep, lessen her hot flashes, and reduce her anxiety. Build up an aerobic base where he uses Phil Maffetone 180-age formula for 8-12 weeks then retest. Love Christopher Kelly and Dr. Tommy Wood. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She takes a lot of supplements. You don’t need the dutchtest web site. That will ensure you find someone who I would likely vouch for! Do some labs and get a sound treatment plan, from a gynecologist or functional doctor, or someone who is both. Very informative article . The instructions are very clear. I can schedule ASAP after you get that. I’ve tried bioidentical cream for replacement of low progesterone which causes severe migraines and I’ve also tried replacing estrogen & testosterone with increased migraines. I … This comment made me laugh a little ;). The examinations are held a number of times per year at seven locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Amersfoort (only on predetermined Saturdays), Oisterwijk, Rotterdam, Rijswijk and Zwolle. (bovine brain is 715 mg) hearts are difficult to find but I know A local farm that processes them and am able to get 4-5 lb every couple of months. That's it. The two vitamin supplements have already helped me and I suspect my adrenals are way off. [My stats: 44yo, 1yr post-op open-myomectomy, no new fibroids, hormone blood tests show improved/balanced/normal levels as of 2wks ago, want to ttc next yr, I suspect my cortisol and adrenals are still off. in your example above of LISA: aged 51 ” She used bio-identical hormones,” her results could be distoted. This is very different than serum, which measures actual hormones in the blood at the given moment of the draw, but not hormone metabolism. Essential Oil Inhalation on Blood Pressure and Salivary Cortisol Levels in Prehypertensive and Hypertensive Subjects, Blunting by chronic phosphatidylserine administration of the stress-induced activation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis in healthy men. In terms of doctors, here are a few directories that may help you find a good functional medicine or naturopathic practitioner in your area: • A few questions 1. It measures your hormone metabolites from dried urine samples. However, she’s never once mentioned the Dutch test, and I 100% want to take it since I’ve done research on it and am still having sleep issues (even on Melatonin) and can’t seem to break a weight plateau that’s lasted 2-mos since initially losing 25lbs. For hormone replacement, bio-identical is the way to go! I figured your lab results would look lower than that. And I use two capsules. Hi Jan, Thanks for this episode. With serum (blood) and saliva hormone spot-testing, it’s possible to track variations in hormone release throughout the day – and this is a great way to measure how your hormones change during a 24-hour period (your circadian rhythm). Much cheaper to take phosphatidyl serene on its own, but curious if folks think it’s worth getting the cocktail in Primal Calm (about $50/month). Progesterone also has a short half life. I’ve seen people symptomatically sound like a stage 3 adrenal issue, DUTCH shows no adrenal issues, then the salivary shows the true picture. CLINICAL VALIDATION OF DUTCH TEST 8 With respect to the diurnal pattern of free cortisol, the DUTCH test has proven to be a viable alternative to salivary testing, although it is a reasonable position for one to prefer saliva testing for the assessment of free cortisol. Meaning, still having cycles. My cortisol was very high for years and my hormones have been tanking at the same time. There are also some metabolites that are important markers for cancer risk that can only be measured in urine. I have peripheral neuropathy, and will try stem cell therapy. or is it something I should avoid? Really enjoyed listening. In 2017, around 234,957 people migrated to the Netherlands from around the world. Chris is a gem. Thanku! Most immigrants to the Netherlands from outside the EU have to sit the Inburgeringsexamen (civic integration exams) in order to get a Dutch resident permit or to apply for Dutch citizenship.. In that case, start here; – fixing adrenal fatigue! Same thing with HbA1C, this is a fairly new test that was initially developed for people with type 2 diabetes but now they are figuring out that you can get a lot of false positive in healthy individual because red blood cell survive much longer. Weight gain and low libido are primary concerns. I’d like to take the DUTCH test and have my hormone specialist look at the results. I know there is regular fatigue and stress that comes with becoming a mother, but I was never like this prior to the children. I only take fish oil, creatine, a multivitamin in morning, then CBD and sleep cocktail at night. Your need for glutathione, which is THE master anti-oxidant that you make. Getting a bike computer and chest strap was a real eye opener, it’s almost impossible to go mountain biking, my sport of choice, without going over the 180-age heart rate limit. I have reseRched, and one doctor who was thorough said I shoul also have the Dutch test. Diana, interesting! Hi I would like to know if there is a Dutch test practitioner near me ( I live in west sussex , England) ?? It comes in an envelope with little strips to dip in your pee, in the comfort of your home. With #’s that are so “surprising” according to Chris it may be prudent to do a re-test immediately before you go changing lifestyle aspects. It’s a very simple test to perform. So, what day would I test? The company can tell you which of us Functional prax runs a lot of Dutch tests. 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